Welcome to the Okolowitz Family's Web Site

We are in constant search for further information regarding our family genealogy.  If you have any information that could help us in our search, it would be greatly appreciated.  We would be willing to share any information and research in exchange.

We are searching for information concerning Ferdinand Okolowitz or Eva Struck from the area of Gro▀ Cymochen, Ost Preussen, Prussia.

We are also looking for any of the following surnames:  Schurzmann, Edlich, Kosock, Wiehle, Runschke, Sperlich, Raabe, Tschirnak, and Rupracht from the area of Gro▀ D÷bern, Kreis Brieg, Peisterwitz, Jelsch, Rattwitz, Kreis Ohlau, Schlesien.

If you have information about any of the above families, please contact us at [email protected]